We Aim To:

• Offer a programme that will engage and motivate children in developing essential life skills through imaginative play.

• Provide your staff with a range of opportunities for group and individual observations and assessments.

• For all our activities to have the opportunity for individual Next Steps and to develop the individual needs for the children in your care.

The Footytotz™ programme has been designed to support children’s development during the Early Years Foundation Stage. The main focus of the activities are predominantly on physical development but they also have links to other prime and specific areas of learning.
The games offer the children the opportunity to display the characteristics of effective learning through fun stories based around the children’s interests and experiences. The communication and language skills are developed by the clear instructions of each activity. Assessment opportunities are planned in and at the end of each activity to evaluate the children’s understanding and consolidate learning.
The Footytotz™ programme is designed to support individual needs of all children. The sessions have a clear structure and routine that the children can follow easily. The games and activities can be differentiated and equipment can be modified, adjusted or replaced to suit the needs of the children. Visual image cards can be used throughout the sessions to support and ensure inclusion for all.

The Footytotz™ sessions begin with a structured circle time where the children will understand how their body changes before, during and after exercising.
Each session consists of a warm up game, a main game and a penalty shoot out. All of these games are linked to the ‘story’ or topic of the day.
The children will be encouraged to move with confidence, control and coordination, to move around under, over and through equipment with a small football.

Each session finishes with questions and answers about the days activities.

(Katie Handford: Reception teacher. Greswell Primary School, Denton.)
“The Footytotz™ programme is extremely useful for Early Years Practitioners in which a structured physical activity helps to underpin the children’s learning across the EYFS.
The sessions, which cover various topics provide opportunities to develop skills in the Prime and Specific areas of learning with a strong link to numbers, shape, space, measures and understanding of the world.
The programmes offer excellent assessment opportunities to observe the children displaying characteristics of effective learning.”

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