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The Development of the Footytotz™ Educational Play Programme

Education is one of the most important part of a Child’s development. During their Early years its essential that children learn about the world they live in and just as important is learning about healthy living and well being. Together with Early Years professionals, Charles Orr, our Operations Director, a member of one of the UK’s top North West Premier League football academies, who has been involved in youth football for over 21 years and Shirley Ridgway, our Marketing and Franchise Director, who began her passion and involvement over 22 years ago as a football parent developed a programme which would help families achieve this.

F.A. qualified experienced coaches and the original founders of the Footy4kidz™ soccer school 15 years ago , Charles and Shirley have used their skills, experience and knowledge to deliver to you a programme providing education and healthy development for young children aged 18 months and upwards.

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About our EDUCATIONAL sessions

Footytotz™ delivers a structured, early-years play programme for children aged 18 months to five years old. Designed to develop children’s motor skills of balance, co-ordination and agility, the Footytotz™ programme is a proven way of developing a child’s self confidence and independence.
And what’s more Footytotz™ is lots of fun.

The Footytotz™ sessions are unique and are specially designed to be based around educational stories linked to the Early Years Curriculum. Because each weekly session has a different theme, the children are kept focused throughout the sessions and listening skills are greatly improved.

Each session involves setting up an obstacle course that represents the topic or story of the day. This will include a warm up game, a main game and a penalty shoot-out, with each part of the session being linked to that topic. The session will end with a cool down and questions and answers about the story the children have taken part in. Finally, the children receive a ‘well done’ sticker for their efforts. This is then recorded in their personal achievement booklet.


Child Safety

Footytotz™ acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child who has been entrusted to its care and is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all members. A child or young person is anyone under the age of eighteen, engaged in any sporting activity. We subscribe to the Football Association's child protection and best practice policy and procedures and endorse and adopt the policy statement contained in that document.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Absolutley, Footytotz™ is for girls and boys! Have you got the next Lioness ??
Answer. Most areas offer a FREE taster session.
Answer. If your child has enjoyed the session, your programme leader will give you details of the joining fee.By ordering your Footytotz™ kit which consists of a shirt and shorts on the Footytotz™ online shop at a cost of £27.50, your registration will be complete. You will also have the opportunity of trying on a sample kit at your taster session to ensure you order the correct size. Your programme leader will give you payment methods and details of the current course.
Answer. The Footytotz™ joining fee is a one off payment of £27.50 This includes a full Footytotz™ football kit including shirt and shorts, Insurance cover and a Footytotz™ achievement booklet.
Answer. The weekly sessions may vary in different areas ranging from £5 to £6.50
Answer. The payment methods may vary in different areas but are usually in four weekly/monthly block bookings. Pre-booked holidays will not be charged for but unfortunately we cannot give refunds for any other missed sessions.
It is the parents responsibility to cancel any direct debits or Go Cardless payments.
Answer. The sessions last for 30 minutes for children aged 18 months old and 45 minutes for children aged 2 years upwards
Answer. The sessions are designed to have parental participation involvement. This will help your child to develop at their own pace but with the support from the programme leader. Parent involvement also ensures the smooth running of a Footytotz session. As the children get older and develop, they will become more independent and will need less assistance.
Answer. Your child will be able to continue their football development at either a Footy4kidz™ soccer school or you will be guided to a local junior football club in your area.

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