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“Starting my own Footytotz franchise was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To be able to mix coaching young children with playing semi professional football is perfect!
Being a former youth team player with Rochdale FC, I was linked with the LFE (League Football Education) who put me in touch with Footytotz after I was released. Charlie & Shirley were great in training me up to run my own business, and Chris Ollieuz & Rick Cartner were a big help in showing me different ways to run the sessions.
There is never a day that I wake up and don’t want to go to work. To be able to call this my job is something I feel very lucky.
To be able to have an influence on a young child growing up is very rewarding. To see their football skills improve is great, but to see their personalities grow and their social skills improve is amazing.
I love being able to give children their most enjoyable hour of the week. “

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For your local Footytotz™ Centre contact Ben on

Tel. 0845 652 1422
Mob. 07929190780

Head office:- 0845 539 9899

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Stockport West Session Times


  • 10:00am

    Dryden Street Nursery, Manchester – Private session


  • 9:30am

    Didsbury Reform Church, Palatine Road, Didsbury  – Public session

  • 2:00pm

    Tithbarn Primary School, Heaton Mersey
    – Private session


  • 10:30am

    South Reddish Community Centre, St Marys Church, Reddish – Public session


  • 9.30am

    Elm Cottage Nursery, Heaton Norris  – Private Session

  • 11.30am

    Kings Drive Guide Hall. Kings Drive, Heaton Moore, SK4 4DZ – Public session


  • 9.00am

    Ladybird Nursery, Brinnington  – Private session

  • 1:30pm

    Kings Drive Guide Hall. Kings Drive, Heaton Moore, SK4 4DZ –  – Public session

  • 3:15pm

    St Cuthberts Primary School, Withington – Private session


  • 9:00am

    Tithe Barn Primary School, Heaton Mersey – Public Session

  • 10:00, 11,00am

    Tithe Barn Primary School, Heaton Mersey – Public Session


  • 9.30am & 10.30am

    Tithe Barn Primary School, Heaton Mersey  – Public session