About FootyTotz Bury

About FootyTotz Bury

Danny would like to welcome you to Footytotz Bury.
With a combined coaching experience of over 20 years, Danny has been coaching football since leaving school.
Having had two children attend Footytotz Tameside, my children and even myself as a parent thoroughly enjoyed the sessions interactive structure and themes. It is very rewarding to see your children’s confidence rocket along the way with their motor skills with a huge smile on their faces, having lots of laughs along the way. With a level 1 in F.A football coaching, I have worked part time over the Tameside franchise which is where my passion for the brand was confirmed.

I believe that energy goes where energy flows. Come and try one of our sessions, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed and we can promise your child’s development is in safe hands.

Contact FootyTotz Bury

Josh & Kerry: 07759 231 390

Email: josh.kerry@footytotz.co.uk

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FootyTotz Bury

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Bury Session Times


  • Coming SOON


  • Coming SOON


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  • Coming SOON


  • Coming SOON


  • 10.00am, 11am & 12.00 noon– Public Session

    St. Phillips Community Centre. 145 Higher Dean Street, Radcliffe. Bury. M26 3TE 

  • 10.00am –
    Public Sessions

    Tottington High School, Bury. BL8 3LY 

  • 10.00am –
    Public Session

    Thornleigh college, Sharples Park. Bolton. M26 3TE 


  • 9.00am, 10.00am
    – Public Sessions

    Tottington High School, Bury. BL8 3LY 

  • 11.15am, 12.15pm noon
    – Public Sessions

    Woodhey High School, Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom. BL0 9QZ